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Musing on Collecting

October 2, 2012

I am vactioning in Texas now and read an interesting article on the way down here in the Southwest Spirit magazine. I didn’t take the magazine (which if you continue to read this blog you will realize is pretty uncharacteristic of me) but I will try to paraphrase here. The article was about different ways that people “play” on vacation. Explorer, adventurer, competitor were the types I expected but collector was also listed! So I became even more attuned to how much I am the collector type during my adventures in Austin. First the obvious. I am always on the lookout for additions to my collections – on this trip I bought several new mermaids for my mermaid bathroom, a heart for my valentine collection, and a gourd mask . And of course, everywhere we went I was collecting brochures, matchbooks (some restaurants still have these), and calling cards (the new alternative to matchbooks) etc. for my memory books. But I also realized how much collecting is just a part of how I see/organize the world. We took several day trips to towns around Austin and after I took a picture of a lady justice statue on the top of one courthouse, I had to take one of the one in the next town, too.
This reminded me of the time I was telling my daughter Julie (Happy Birthday Julie!) that I was buying those reusable supermarket shopping bags but that I wasn’t going to buy them all from one store – I was going to buy one from each store. “How surprising – a collection,” she remarked.


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