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Fall Tree

October 28, 2012

Every year we go to the woods to find a fallen branch, bring it in, hang it in front of a window and decorate it with our fall decorations which include:

jack o lanterns – 2 glass ornaments (traditional Christmas ornaments) and a pumpkin person made of pipe cleaners and a paper jack o lantern head reproduced from a Martha Stewart magazine a few years ago.

a scarecrow or harvest figure – This came on a stick and was meant to be stuck in a plant but I removed the stick and added a hook.

fruit – apples (wooden, ceramic, silk thread), a pomegranate, and a pair of wooden cherries.

nuts – a glass walnut, a glass chestnut and many many acorns – many glass, felted, beaded, ceramic. a Patience Brewster acorn person, a tiny carved wooden acorn bird feeder, and metal. This year I added some glass bead acorns I bought from She glued acorn tops to faceted beads, I added fishing line loops so I could hang them on the tree.

leaves of many varieties made of metal, fabric, felt, wood, traditional glass ornaments, stained glass and plastic that looks like stained glass. Two with faces!

pine cones – many traditional glass ornaments ones, a straw one and a wooden one from Germany, some I made with cut felt and beads.

devils – one I made of cut felt and a devil black cat ornament.

black cats – in addition to the devil one a small ceramic one and a pipe cleaner one from the same Martha Stewart article as the pumpkin one and a cut felt vintage one (with a crazy smile).

skulls and skeletons – Day of the Dead tin and wooden skeletons, a Day of the Dead head and a Day of the Dead dressed figure, a day of the Dead skeleton mermaid, a cut felt skull I  made, a needle felted skeleton I made, a paper day of the Dead skull I made, and a crocheted skull I bought at Sacred Art in Chicago.

crows – one made of pompoms with a very cute hat, and a cut felt one

owls – a cut felt one I made and a small ceramic one both perched on sticks, the wooden one from my daughter and the toilet paper one featured earlier.

a ghost made of a gourd.

a beaded spider – this handcrafted ornament came with the legend of the spider on the Christmas tree but it was black and orange and I think it belongs on the Fall tree.

a turkey, a pheasant, and a deer.

gnomes and fairies – 2 small gnomes I made with hazelnuts and kidney beans wearing little felt coats, another gnome swinging from a mushroom and fall flower fairies I made with beads, fabric leaves and flowers.

pictures – an ornament made of a vintage Halloween card (a cute little girl witch sitting on a pumpkin) and an ornament made with an old fashioned photograph of two girls, a cornucopia, and a collection of the small cards I make each year to attach to little bags of candy I give friends and coworkers – two Day of the Dead pictures, a skull, a Halloween cat, a raven, 2 cats dancing from a vintage Halloween costume, and a witch silhouette. I copy these from books or magazines –  this year is an owl, of course!

I think that’s it. Pictures don’t really do it justice but I am going to post a couple.


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