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Musing on Collecting II

November 9, 2012

I began collecting pictures of suns with faces when I was a teenager. My parents took us to a restaurant in New York called La Fonda Del Sol where I remember really enjoying a drink with a candied coffee bean on top. I also loved the pictures of suns and I hung the ones from the matchbooks on my cork bulletin board. Pretty soon the whole bulletin board became the “Sun Board”. I added more cork boards and more pictures of suns cut from magazines, newspapers, cards, boxes, paper plates, in fact of anything made of paper – one is from a bag of potatoes. When I moved to an apartment the cork boards came with me and moved with me from Buffalo to Denver to Massachusetts. My paper collection expanded and now the original paper ones are in a filing cabinet in the file called suns and I have ceramic, metal, papermache, plaster and glass suns hanging in my windows and on my walls both outside and in my downstairs bathroom and dining room. Several years ago, I found out that the designer of the restaurant that started my fascination with suns was a famous designer and folk art collector named Alexander Girard and that there was a whole wing of his folk art at the International Folk Art Museum of Santa Fe. As soon as I found out about it, we planned a trip to Santa Fe. I was not disappointed! See the link below.















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