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Christmas Market Mugs

November 24, 2012

In 2000 my daughters and I went on a Christmas Market tour in Germany. During the month of December the squares of many towns in Germany host Christkindlmarkets. Vendors sell their varied wares from small wooden structures topped with red and white awnings. Drinking gluhwein -hot spiced wine – from commemorative ceramic mugs that usually depict the Christkindlmarket and the town is part of the tradition. We purchased mugs at each town and left Germany with collection of 5. With fond memories of our trip, we were happy to find out when my younger daughter moved to Chicago that Chicago hosted a genuine Cristkindlmarket each Christmas season. The Chicago Christkindlmarket is authentic, complete with German vendors, red and white striped awnings, gluhwein, and souvenir mugs.

Youngest Daughter, Molly, at Chicago Christmas Market 2013

Part of Molly’s Mug Collection. The German mugs are on the left. Then two of the Chicago mugs – which like most of them are boots and depict the Picasso sculpture as the Christkindlmarket is in Daley Plaza. Click on the photo to see more Chicago mugs.


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