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Children’s Book Tree

January 7, 2013

ImageWhen my husband first heard of people having more than one Christmas tree he thought it was one of the most ludicrous ideas he had ever heard of so our imaginary second and third trees became a big joke around here. But when my friend Susan gave me a fairy with the Albert Einstein quote “If you want your children to be bright read them fairy tales, if you want them to be brilliant read them even more fairy tales” I knew it was the perfect topper to a tree dedicated to my children’s book character ornaments. I had used these on a branch at school but recently they had just been waiting in a box. So I bought a small fake tree and set it up in the guest bedroom. So far the tree sports the fairy, Madeline, Babar, Curious George, Pippi, Olivia, The Cat in the Hat, Strega Nona and Big Anthony and many of the characters from the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. A Tomie de Paolo version of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Granny’s nightgown sit below the tree as they have no hooks.



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