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Mini Quilt Ornaments

January 22, 2013

My sister in law Louise makes multiples of a mini quilt ornament each year. We are just back from our Christmas celebration – it takes place on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend each year. It is always exciting to see the newest design. This year’s quilt was quite a departure (not as Christmassy):


We have a very large collection of the mini quilts now, we hang the first few years on the tree and the rest on the China cabinet glass panels (on the doors and the sides). Click on the photo to see the complete picture


As you can see we began doubling up this year. Next year we may need to think of a whole new idea. My niece hangs hers on a clothesline with tiny clothespins.


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  1. I really like the “Art & Crafts” colours of the ceramics and mini quilts – they combine perfectly. The antique cabinet is lovely too. By the way, the “doubling up” or even “tripling up” practice is very familiar to me!!!

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