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Blue and Orange or Yellow China/Pottery Collection

January 25, 2013


Here is a picture of my china cabinet with the door open so that my blue and orange or yellow china is visible. Click picture to see the whole cabinet. On the top shelf in the front of the upper left is the piece that started the collection. When we were little we had the small bowls from this set and I loved them. They came from my Grandmother and at some point I got the big bowl from her. One of the little bowls is tucked in behind. They are from Spain. Next to the bowl is a pitcher that my daughter brought me in Spain and next to that a small pitcher my mother gave me as a souvenir from a trip to Italy.  Behind that is a pitcher from France that my sister gave me for my birthday one year. After she gave it to me she asked me how I would use it. I said “I will put it in my china cabinet.” And she said “But how will you use it?” I repeated, “I will put it in my china cabinet.”


Click picture to see the whole shelf.  Next to that is another bowl from my Grandmother that says “Grazia in Deruta” and next to that a creamer and sugar bowl on a little tray with the brand name Deruta but they were cheap and made in China. The large fish plate and the blue and yellow plate in the back are also new and cheap. The candlesticks and the small vase in front of the fish plate are from Israel and they are one of my few tag sale purchases.  To the left of the candlesticks  is a mug from Italy with an orange on it, a gift from my husband.  Stay tuned for future posts on the items on the second and third shelves and the china cabinet itself.

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