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Middle Shelf of China Cabinet

January 29, 2013





Don’t forget to click on the picture so you can see everything. Starting at the left, you can see a tiny bit of what I think is a miniature wedding jug – a souvenir from Madrid. I am not sure where it came from. Next to that is the newest addition, two pots from Italy – one with a sun and one with a moon. I must have admired them enough at my sister’s house since they were one of my Christmas presents this year. Most of the china on this shelf is a Quimper set that I inherited from my grandmother. To the right of the Quimper bowl is a piece of Polish pottery from my friends Jen and Kimm. And to the right of that a small bowl from Morocco, I think and a tiny little angel made by a local potter and given to me by my friend Shannon. In the back on the left is a stunning plate my husband gave me one year, in the middle a plate from Italy, and on the right a piece of pottery that we bought at a craft fair in Fort Worth, Texas. The small thing on the left that doesn’t look like anything is a frog tile, which is actually pretty nice. My mother had it standing up in her kitchen. I’ll have to feature it in a future frog blog,



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