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Bottom Shelf of China Cabinet

February 3, 2013

The bottom shelf is a bit more eclectic than the top two as I am actually using it as a china closet rather than a display case because I store the wonderful trifle dish my daughter Molly gave me for my birthday last year on it. Next to that is a blue pot that came from my husband’s mother. She was a ceramicist and made the flower plate behind the two pieces but I don’t think she made the pot. While it has no markings I think it is an arts and craft pot. In front of the trifle dish is a small pitcher from Italy, a tag sale purchase that both my sister and I wanted but that I snagged. There are some glass vases behind the blue pot. Next to the flowered plate is a tray with Mexican tiles and in front of that a pitcher from Mexico with sunflowers that my parents gave me sitting on another tray this one with a sunflower tile. Also on the tray is a stack of Quimper little plates from my grandmother and a new “made in China” creamer and sugar bowl. Behind them another blue pot, I think it came from a florist with an arrangement but its color and shape go well with the arts and craft pot. Click the picture to see the whole shelf.Image


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