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Musing on Collecting VI

March 1, 2013

Collectors like lots of the same thing or variations of the same thing, so I was fascinated when I came across the work of Lisa Hoke at two different art museums recently. I  went to the Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield to see another exhibit but on the way to the bathroom I was stopped dead in my tracks by several large pieces grouped together as “Love, American Style”.

Here is part of description of the show from the website:

This colorful art is created from things that we all encounter every day: paper, cardboard, product packaging, paper plates, plastic cups, matchbook covers, printed advertising material, and all sorts of other discarded flotsam and jetsam from our consumer society. The title of the exhibition refers to advertisers’ marketing messages that try to persuade us that we can express love and solve all our problems by buying their products. “Our constant exposure to packaging, color and ‘look at me, buy me’ messages gives us a sense of shared experience,” said Hoke. “People will recognize their lives in this exhibit. Nobody will walk in here and not see something that’s familiar to them.”


Yeah, all that but also the visual joy of the same packaging over and over again! And then a week later as I was walking up the stairs of the New Britain Museum of American Art to see a Toulouse Lautrec exhibit, I found another installation that I immediately knew was also by Lisa Hoke. This one titled “The Gravity of Color” includes approximately 20,000 cups!


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