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Fixing Stuff

March 14, 2013

As a collector, I like to keep stuff once I get it. Sometimes people suggest that in order to make room for new stuff one should get rid of the old. What ????? I don’t even like to throw my socks away. Last weekend I spent Sunday morning darning a pile of my socks that had big toe holes (I seem to have a wicked sharp big toe nail – and I’m not just using the adjective wicked because I live in Massachusetts). Many of the socks had been sitting in the darning pile for quite a while and it so good to see them on my feet again this week!

My husband is an expert at gluing our breakable things back together if they drop or get knocked over by cats who are being chased. Recently he has had to glue this wonderful turtle together twice.  Without actively collecting them, my husband has amassed quite a turtle and frog collection. The truth is I collect them for him. This turtle though was a present from our older daughter. We also inherited the running cat from her.


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