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Musing on Collecting IX

April 6, 2013

My mother said that when I was a little girl she was amazed when I pointed from a box of cereal to an advertisement in a magazine for the cereal and said, “Look, the same”.  She was less impressed when I was a teenager and talked about the differences between the zoo we were currently at and some other zoo I had previously visited. “Can’t you just be at this zoo without comparing?” she said.  I think this urge to compare same and different is at the heart of my urge to collect.

I collect mermaids because they are mermaids and therefore the same but I love to look at what makes them different: the color of their hair (I have some with green hair), the color of their tails (not just green and blue but pink and orange), where their tails start (I have one that starts at her breasts and some that start at the top of their legs), whether their breasts are covered or not, what their breasts are covered with (shells “top” the list here), and what they are holding. Mermen always seem to be holding tridents but mermaids hold a variety of objects including combs and mirrors, fish, shells, pearls, and musical instruments. Mermaids seem to hang around with quite a variety of animals too, not just fish and other marine life but polar bears, unicorns, cats, snakes, and frogs.  As I gaze at my mermaids from my bathtub, I sometimes imagine a Ten Thousand Dollar Pyramid category: “Things associated with mermaids”. Do you think anyone would guess it? Of course, I’d mention shipwrecks too.






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