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Book Case Collections I

June 27, 2013


In the upstairs hallway of our condo, there is a  paperback bookcase that houses three of our book collections. The first three and a half shelves are comprised of the paperback part of my collection of mysteries that are set in New Orleans.  It is amazing how many of these there are. There are the well known series like the Dave Robicheaux novels by James Lee Burke and and the Skip Langdon and Talba Wallis novels by Julie Smith or the stand alones by well known authors like Tami Hoag. There are also the shorter series (some of my favorites are by O’Neil DeNoux, Dick Lochte, J.M. Redmann, and the Corrington’s) as well as single books in well known series or stand alones by well known mystery authors that are set in New Orleans.

These are followed by Nero Wolfe mysteries. I have almost the whole series but I am missing Curtains for Three, one of the books of short stories. I finally purchased it as an eBook since when I was on a Nero Wolfe reading jag recently, I craved one I hadn’t read a million times! I must say though that while looking at my Pinterest boards satisfies my collecting urge, looking at my eBook shelf does not, so I am still on the hunt for that final volume. The Nero Wolfe books fill up most of the next shelf too. They are followed by a few other favorite mysteries.

The Nero Wolfe reading jags are unpredictable. They can be set off because I am fresh out of library books or because of an urge for comfort reading.  The last shelf holds books for a predictable reading jag. I used to love reading the short stories in magazines at Christmastime and really missed them when they stopped appearing. So I began buying Christmas romances (this is the only time of the year I read romances). I prefer the ones with four short stories and one called Blue Christmas which takes place in Memphis and references Elvis is my favorite. Unfortunately like magazines there seem to be less and less of these published each year so it is good that I’ve kept some favorites for rereading.

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