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Summer Traditions

July 24, 2013

One of our favorite summer traditions is attending The Green River Festival. We have been going to it for over twenty years and while it has changed in many ways, one thing that hasn’t changed is that you never know who is going to blow you away. Several years ago the Duhks were that band. They opened the festival on Friday night and they were amazing! We were so disappointed when we heard that Jessee Havey had left the band which was followed by other line up changes. When we saw that they were playing in the tent at the festival this year, we knew we would go see them but we didn’t know what to expect. I could hardly believe my eyes when I got to the tent for surely that was Jessee Havey and Tania Elizabeth on stage. Soon Johnny Memphis was announcing that these were the original Duhks and they blew us away again!


Last year, JD McPherson was the one who blew everyone away when he performed in the tent. This year he performed on the main stage to great acclaim!


A change this year was to have the Local Hero stage run during the daytime too and it was great on Sunday to stop by and see two of my favorite local bands play this stage and get such a warm reception. I knew the Boxcar Lilies had a new album out so I was glad I got to hear one of the songs from it: “Six Ways to Sunday”.


Even though we had just seen the Salvation Alley String Band a few weeks ago, we stopped by to hear a few tunes including the Brandee Simone and Ryan Quinn duet “Misery Pines”.



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