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Musing on Collecting XI

August 11, 2013

If I thought there were a lot of Monet’s at the Philadelphia Museum of Art it was only because I hadn’t been to the Barnes Foundation yet. It had stopped raining on the second day I was in Philadelphia so I walked to the Barnes Foundation. Albert Barnes collected so many paintings in his lifetime it was not only hard to believe he had collected so many, it was hard to believe that the artists were able to paint so many paintings in their lifetimes!

What was really interesting though was the way the paintings were displayed. From the brochure: “Wanting to show the universality of the creative impulse and the expressive means used by artists, as well as the continuity between modern art and the art of the past, Barnes combined paintings, metalwork, sculpture, and decorative arts of different periods, cultures, styles and genres in ensembles, symmetrical wall arrangements”.

Viewing Barne’s ensembles reminded me more of my mermaid bathroom than of my visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art the day before. Barnes continually rearranged his art. The bag from the gift store reproduces a sketch of a proposed arrangement from 1927. While I am not arranging Renoirs, I’ve had fun incorporating my latest purchases into my ensembles. Today we added a tin La Sirena lotteria card to the bathroom closet door ensemble.



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