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Salon Walls

September 18, 2013

Last week our local newspaper had an article about salon walls. A salon wall, the article explains is a way to “…showcase personal treasures and create art at the same time …( by) mount(ing) shelves or frames on a wall and fill(ing) them with whatever pleases you”. Salon walls, the article explains have their origins in 17th century Paris when the Royal Academy held exhibitions or salons to showcase student’s work “mounted in a closely knit configuration”. I had never heard of a salon wall but I certainly have them!

Downstairs, the entry way to our condo has three walls that meet this criteria. To the right as you walk in is the quilt stitched by my sister in law that commemorates our 20th wedding anniversary. Hanging above it are three small pictures – a block-print heart by my niece, map art by my younger daughter, and a print by local artist Ann Lewis. The next two facing walls have family photos hung in salon wall style – my family on the right and my husband’s on the left. Our downstairs bathroom has three salon walls composed of suns. The kitchen sports a few salon walls of it’s own – one composed of black and white ceramic art and Alaskan art by April White and another composed of related ceramic pieces topped by a clock.

The living room has several salon walls composed of paintings of musicians, a wall of suns, a grouping of landscape pictures and two eclectic groupings:



The first photo shows a grouping that includes two pieces by Denise Beaudet and two gourd masks as well as a spirit doll. The second photo shows a salon wall that features a collage by my mother, a horse from my grandmother’s horse collection, a painting on a feather – a souvenir that a friend brought back from Costa Rica, a painting on a leaf – a card my niece sent from England, another card from my niece, and a Will Barnet print – my sister gave us all Will Barnet prints one Christmas.

The newspaper article on salon walls concludes with a quote from collage artist David Kassel, “Families grow, important events continue to happen, collections change over time. A great salon wall is never finished.” I know mine never will be!


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