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Fall Tree Up and Decorated

October 20, 2013

While I call it a tree, it is actually a dead branch or two. This year I initially hung two branches but after I had been hanging ornaments for awhile I realized I was going to need a third branch.

This year’s new ornaments included a wooden acorn, a bird made out of an almond (one of last year’s handmade Christmas ornaments but it seemed more appropriate for the Fall tree), and  an antler ornament I bought at Walmart (I realize deer lose their antlers in the Spring but somehow antlers seem more Fall like).

When we went to the Garlic and Arts Festival a few weeks ago I knew there were craft booths and I expected handcrafted garlic bulbs ornaments which would be perfect for my Fall tree. There were none but I found a bulb shaped glass piece by Noah Rockland which looked like garlic to me!


The antlers are in the middle of this photo all the way over to the right and the glass “garlic” bulb is below them and to the left (under the witch silhouette).


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