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Collecting Stories

April 6, 2014

Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN Inc., is quoted in the latest issue of Traditional Home: “I believe that one of the greatest human connections is the power of storytelling. Collecting and curating are what I love, whether they be family rituals, design, artifacts, or customs. I love the tradition of sharing stories.”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about people’s connections to stories as I read people’s reactions to the death of Will on The Good Wife and the ending of How I Met Your Mother. Sometimes I don’t like plot twists and endings but  I’ve always thought it is the author’s (or in case of a TV show I guess it’s the creator or the runner) prerogative to write and end their story any way they want. Now thanks to the internet I find that others seem to feel that they own the stories. It seems that they think they have a right to dictate plot lines and demand endings that meet their expectations.

I first came across this phenomena when the Sookie Stackhouse book series ended. Although author Charlaine Harris said she ended with the romantic pairing she had envisioned from the beginning, people said she had gotten it wrong. That seems to be the feeling with the How I Met Your Mother ending too. The stories that people are sharing now are their stories of disappointment and disgust. And I’ve been thinking maybe I have a new phenomena to collect.

Well not really new, I guess. I have been rereading the original Sherlock Holmes stories and am reminded that after killing his hero off, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle bowed to public opinion and brought Holmes back. He went on to write many more stories featuring Holmes. That’s the power of storytelling!


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