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Memory Collection

December 3, 2014

Whenever I walk back up the stairs after waiting on line at the ladies room at the Academy of Music, I glance at the framed photograph of Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli that hangs at the top.   I don’t know why it is there, I just love to look at it and imagine that they appeared in a play together at the Academy.
The Academy has been renovated recently and when I went to the Signature Sounds 20th anniversary shows, I got to see the beautiful new seats and the refurbished salmon walls and gold trim (apparently the original colors). I worried though that Judy and Liza would be gone. In the lobby,  there is a plaque describing a picture that is no longer there.  But Judy and Liza remain (as does the life size Bogie in the outer lobby).


Not sure what the wallpaper is meant to be – Fall leaves? Flowers?


While this close up has misleading reflections (Liza isn’t really holding anything) I think you can see why I think it is such a great photo.

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