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Musing on Collecting XIII

April 22, 2015

I just finished the book “Do Not Sell At Any Price” which is subtitled “The wild, obsessive hunt for the world’s rarest 78 rpm records”. Amanda Petrusich, who gets bitten by the bug herself, profiles several collectors and then offers her theories on OCPD and autism to explain their obsession.
While I am not in the same league as 78 record collectors – rarity not being a factor of my collection “obsession”, I identified with the sentiment expressed by Harry Smith, who collected Ukranian Easter eggs, string figures (like cat’s cradle), Seminole textiles, and anything shaped like a hamburger (not sure what this means!) as well as 78’s. He reportably was constantly informing people that their belongings were better off in his collection, “It should be in my collection,  it shouldn’t be in your collection.”
While my hunt may not be as thrilling as the quest for rare records and often just involves walking down the street, I know when things belong in one of my collections. This weekend it was a sun in the local head shop window.


I loved the rays and was intrigued by the eyes. It obviously belonged in my bathroom sun collection.



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