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July 2, 2015


One of the three shelves on the wall next to my side of the bed. From left: a New Orleans tomb from my sister Dorothy and her husband Tom, a candle holder with a bird on it from Nonotuck teacher Michelle,  a frog candleholder,  a picture of husband Paul and I, another frog candleholder, a picture of Paul as a teenager in a frame that used to have a baby picture of my father in it, the small cedar souvenier jewelry box I bought at Lost Colony as a child (its top is open and it is overflowing with pins), an owl candleholder from niece Emily, a little ceramic owl that was in my stocking one year,  a picture of teenage Paul and me (you really can’t see this or the tiny box from Denver friend Louise in front of it or the little purse with a beautiful embroidered peacock from friend Jen behind it) and a glass box with a bird on it from former Nonotuck parent Becky.


The top of the bookcase in the upstairs hall. The framed pictures of New Orleans were taken by my father.  The apple is from a Nonotuck parent (as the director I was their teacher), the metal hand which says Hope underneath is by Bill “Hillbilly” Healy (we bought it in Brattleboro), in front of it is a felted fuzzy wuzzy I bought at a fiber fair, and next to that a carved wooden mouse I bought at the Chicago Christmas Market, behind them a carved wooden alligator from Africa that we bought from a booth at the Poconos Blues Festival, on the right side the two button blocks from the Country Living Fair and a vase Jen gave me for Christmas filled with tulips from Nonotuck Sandy.


The shelf in the downstairs bathroom with sun tiles mostly purchased in Texas, tiny flowerpots, a candle in a sunflower base from a Nonotuck family, and a small glass box from Nonotuck teacher Maria. And this week’s cup is from Molly’s wedding hospitality basket.

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