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Four Christmas Mermaids and a Merman!

January 7, 2016

The first mermaid of Christmas was in my stocking. I hung it in the mermaid bathroom with the other flat mermaid ornaments. It is the one in the middle of the top row, under the shelf, holding the heart.


The second mermaid of Christmas was this beautiful bathmat from my oldest daughter Julie.


It is by Anne Hall of Anne Hall Designs.

My sister Dorothy gave me a mermaid cut from an oil can holding a guitar! She joined our other oil can mermaid in the bedroom.


Nephew Greg and Rebecca gave me a merman. I only have a few of them and they are all holding tridents. We found a special place for him tucked under the carved wooden mermaid.


Here’s what he looks like. I had to turn off the flash so the wall is the wrong color.


I got a beautiful leaf ornament for my Fall tree from niece Emily and Nick so wasn’t expecting a mermaid too. But then it turned out my delicious Cacao Prieto dark chocolate bar also contained a picture of a mermaid being carried by a sailor. I squeezed them onto the wall by the door.





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  1. You are so fun to shop for, Margery!

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