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A New Addition to my Pet Peeve collection

April 30, 2016

I think my father must have had a “pet peeve about language use” collection. His pet peeves included the incorrect use of the words hopefully and contact. Since my mother used to say that I was my father’s daughter it makes sense that I’d have a language pet peeve collection too.
On the top of list would have to be the (over and mis) use of the word arguably. As in “He is arguably the best blues man of our generation.” Well of course it’s arguable – I can (and probably will) argue with your opinion whether you give me permission or not. This has been my #1 language pet peeve for a few years but I think it is being supplanted by the phrase “friendly reminder” which of course is used to preface not so friendly reminders. As in a posting  titled “A friendly reminder about our sick child policy” or an email that begins,  “This is just a friendly reminder about our staff meeting tomorrow night.” It is certainly arguable just how friendly those reminders are!


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