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Domino Effect

July 25, 2016

I have wanted to buy my husband a print of a painting by Liz Mandeville, one of my favorite singers, for many years and this year we finally connected. And connected! Since I was in Chicago, Liz actually dropped off two prints herself! This weekend we got around to hanging the picture of a singer above several other prints of musicians. 

This meant that we had to move one lizard over and relocate one lizard entirely and we decided he needed to go upstairs which gave me the opportunity to rethink another decision. Lately,  I really hadn’t been happy with the placement of the Robert Jr. Whitall print I had given my husband a few years ago. I had bought the picture of Buddy Guy because it reminded me of another gift – a series of original pictures of blues musicians by Denise Beaudet that hangs in our living room. At the time we couldn’t figure out where to hang the new print in our living room so it ended up in the bedroom (see post “Incorporation Day II”). When we decided the lizard would go upstairs, I put on my thinking cap again and came up with a new idea. We propped the picture of Buddy Guy and husband’s second Liz Mandeville print – a photo of the Crossroads with blue guitar! (see post “Where is the Other One?”) – on the little table next to the couch and the Denise Beaudet paintings.


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