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Fall Tree Grows!

October 23, 2016

It was getting harder to fit all our Fall ornaments on a branch or two in our double window so this year we decided to move over to the triple window. We found a great big branch but we quickly realized that the ornaments weren’t going to fit. So we went back to the woods to get another branch for the double window. And we decided to divide the ornaments. 

The new window hosts the Halloween,  Day of the Dead,  and miscellaneous Fall ornaments.

The leaves, nuts, pinecone,  and Fall fruit look great (if still a bit crowded) on their own branch. On the left you can see the beautiful new leaf my niece Emily gave me for Christmas last year. It’s been waiting a long time to be shown off. Here’s a close up:

And here is a close up of another new leaf that we bought at the Ashfield Fall Festival:

I needle felted a ghost that is hanging on the other branch:

Now that I have a new granddaughter – my “Fox Granddaughter” I was excited to find a Thanksgiving fox at Hobby Lobby. Here it is hanging next to an owl that honors my Owl Granddaughter:


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