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Fall in Chicago

November 9, 2017

Well you can tell I’m not a professional blogger since I haven’t even posted my Fall and Halloween decorations and they are already starting to showing their houses decked out for Christmas. Since we just moved to Chicago and didn’t even have furniture until two weeks ago, Fall decorating was a challenge but definitely not impossible. I was so excited this year to find small affordable velvet pumpkins and I had fun tracking a bunch down and then taking pictures of them in our otherwise empty apartment. Our wide windowsills were the perfect place to display them and I hoped to get a good picture of them and the view but it is so bright it is kind of hard to see them.

I couldn’t imagine finding and hanging a branch this year so the windows that didn’t get pumpkins got these little trees from Target and I used a few of my Halloween and Day of the Dead ornaments to decorate them.

This year’s treat was dried bat wings (actually Raisinets) with a cool apothecary label I made with images from The Graphics Fairy.


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  1. Lisa Germanowski permalink

    Hi Margery,

    Love your post. Hope all is well.

    Everything is covered in a beautiful thick frost this morning. My annuals were still blooming as of yesterday.

    That’s pretty crazy.

    Tuesday’s elections (excluding Hamp) have me very optimistic for the future.

    I am looking forward to our 11 day Thanksgiving break from work beginning next Fri.


    hope lovejoy designs original photography & art


  2. Thanks Lisa. The leaves just started turning yesterday here and it may snow tomorrow!

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