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Putting Things Where They Belong

December 13, 2017

Decorating our new condo has been challenging as we try to figure out where our things belong in this new place with it’s very different spaces. We have to figure out if some of our decor was “site specific”. For example, we had a large upstairs bathroom in our old condo and once we started putting mermaids in there we amassed a huge collection. Our downstairs bathroom also had a distinctive theme and the walls were painted turquoise. The new condo has two small bathrooms that both have green tiles and counters – perfect for a few mermaids but not for hundreds and not for the folk art suns that hung in the downstairs bathroom. 

Another challenge is that it is much more difficult to hang things in the new place due to the composition of the walls. It isn’t a matter of just banging in a nail, everything requires careful consideration and differing hanging materials. And there is no room for mistakes or do overs!

All this made Christmas decorating interesting this year. First we had to figure out where things went here and then we had to figure out how to attach things that were only going to be hanging temporarily. Luckily we thought of removable Command hooks. First we used them to hang the cross stich reindeer over the china cabinet and then we realized we could use them to hang the kitchen ornaments. In our old condo these hung on thumb tacks under the kitchen cabinets (I wonder if the new owner of the condo has discovered them yet). There was no way thumb tacks would work here and although we tried scotch tape we knew it wouldn’t really be strong enough. But tiny Command hooks seem perfect and it really seems like Christmas in our kitchen now. 

Those small jars are the only Christmas crafting I did this year. Deers, mushrooms, and pine trees sit in snow (salt) and can be barely glimpsed through the sides of the faceted jars. Magical! 


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