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The Status of the Mermaids

January 12, 2018

People have been wondering about how my mermaid collection is faring in Chicago and asking if the mermaids are out of their boxes yet. All I can say is that the mermaid collection is in a state of transition. The plastic mermaids have been deacquisitioned, as it were, moved to a basket that is filled with items for the grandchildren to play with when they visit. Most of the mermaid ornaments, with the exception of some that broke during travel or installation and a few others, have found a home. We hung a curtain rod above the mirror in the bathroom off our bedroom and the mermaids that hung above the mirror in Northampton are hanging there along with a new Christmas gift. The sea scallop shell in the middle that has a mermaid cut out was “harvested, designed, and handcrafted” by Nick Nickerson,  a commercial fisherman, and sent to me by Baby Group Mom Jaye who lives on the Cape.

We hung the white shelf from the Northampton bathroom on our bedroom wall right outside the bathroom and many of the mermaids that were on the shelf as well as some that were on the counters are on the shelf now. The ornaments that hung between the shelf and the rod on the bottom are now hanging from the bottom, suspended by green Christmas tree hooks as are the ones in the bathroom. The stained glass mermaid from Nashville that hung in the bedroom window now hangs to the left of the shelf.The rest of the bedroom mermaids plus the wooden mermaid purchased in Brattleboro are now in the hall. Although you can’t see them all in this picture you can see we still have boxes and that is where the mermaid pictures are – in storage for now.


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