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Mermaid Collection Update

February 10, 2018

More mermaids have swum out of the boxes and more mermaids have joined the collection. Note to self – don’t tell people who are about to give you presents that you don’t have room in your new home for all the mermaids you already have. We went to my husband’s family’s Christmas celebration in January and guess what we got a lot of!

Husband’s brother gave us a beautiful and colorful print of a cut paper mermaid. Added to the hall art galley wall, it fixed the area I wasn’t pleased with.

It’s a little hard to see because of the reflections in the glass – some thing we get a lot of in this new place with all the windows!

Husband’s sister gave us a mermaid ornament which joined the others in our bathroom (it’s the sparkly one with the fancy arms) and a mermaid lantern which sits on my bedside table near the mermaid shelf.

And then when we got home we got a package from our neice who couldn’t come to the celebration. It included two mermaid prints and a string mermaid. I immediately framed the print of the mermaid lounging on a whale and added it to the bedroom shelf. We also hung one of our first mermaid purchases next to the Nashville stained glass mermaid.

And we hung the other ceramic mermaid and the tiles in the bathroom.

The living room bathroom is starting to get some mermaids too.

I like that this picture is a little blurry, it makes this mermaid from my younger daughter look even more magical!


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