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More is Definitely More

“More is more, less is a bore” says interior designer Thomas Burak in the latest Traditional Home, a sentiment I certainly espouse but when packing to move one might question the wisdom of that philosophy. Today I packed the third and final box of mermaids and I’m not even sure there is a place for them all in the condo we are moving to in Chicago! 


Wild Thing

This year I wanted to make a fox valentine in honor of my Fox granddaughter.  I wasn’t sure what to write but I did some searching on Pinterest and found some fox ones with the Wild Thing quote. Since I’m a huge fan of songwriter Chip Taylor, it was perfect. 

And from 2013 with my Owl granddaughter on the way “Owl you need is love” was a tribute to her and her parents who are all about “All you need is love and Love is all you need.”

Margery Decorations

The other day I got a text from a friend. Accompanying the picture below she wrote “Look at all our Margery decorations.”

Each year I make a decoration or two that I decorate with and then give out to Christmas visitors. My texting friend has come for a small Christmas party for about 20 years so she has quite a collection. Recently I ran into another old friend I haven’t seen in a while and she said, “Remember those clothespin ornaments you made with the kids, we still hang those on our tree every year.” One of my favorite things about Christmas is the way we find ourselves in each others homes!

Halloween Treats

Sometime last year I thought of making little Ouija boards for my Halloween treats. Thanks to the Internet it was easy to search for Ouija board images and I realized a ghost was the right treat. I found some small Wilton plastic bags that were the perfect size for the Peep ghosts. I wrote Woo Woo on the back thinking that sounded like a ghost but also knowing that it is what some say about Ouija boards and other items of the occult – “What a bunch of woo woo!” I got lots of compliments on the ghosts but not much acknowledgement of the Ouija boards except from one co-worker who related that her  boyfriend looked horrified and said, “Get that thing away from me!” Apparently there is a new scary movie called “Ouija”.

Fall Tree Grows!

It was getting harder to fit all our Fall ornaments on a branch or two in our double window so this year we decided to move over to the triple window. We found a great big branch but we quickly realized that the ornaments weren’t going to fit. So we went back to the woods to get another branch for the double window. And we decided to divide the ornaments. 

The new window hosts the Halloween,  Day of the Dead,  and miscellaneous Fall ornaments.

The leaves, nuts, pinecone,  and Fall fruit look great (if still a bit crowded) on their own branch. On the left you can see the beautiful new leaf my niece Emily gave me for Christmas last year. It’s been waiting a long time to be shown off. Here’s a close up:

And here is a close up of another new leaf that we bought at the Ashfield Fall Festival:

I needle felted a ghost that is hanging on the other branch:

Now that I have a new granddaughter – my “Fox Granddaughter” I was excited to find a Thanksgiving fox at Hobby Lobby. Here it is hanging next to an owl that honors my Owl Granddaughter:

Domino Effect

I have wanted to buy my husband a print of a painting by Liz Mandeville, one of my favorite singers, for many years and this year we finally connected. And connected! Since I was in Chicago, Liz actually dropped off two prints herself! This weekend we got around to hanging the picture of a singer above several other prints of musicians. 

This meant that we had to move one lizard over and relocate one lizard entirely and we decided he needed to go upstairs which gave me the opportunity to rethink another decision. Lately,  I really hadn’t been happy with the placement of the Robert Jr. Whitall print I had given my husband a few years ago. I had bought the picture of Buddy Guy because it reminded me of another gift – a series of original pictures of blues musicians by Denise Beaudet that hangs in our living room. At the time we couldn’t figure out where to hang the new print in our living room so it ended up in the bedroom (see post “Incorporation Day II”). When we decided the lizard would go upstairs, I put on my thinking cap again and came up with a new idea. We propped the picture of Buddy Guy and husband’s second Liz Mandeville print – a photo of the Crossroads with blue guitar! (see post “Where is the Other One?”) – on the little table next to the couch and the Denise Beaudet paintings.

A New Addition to my Pet Peeve collection

I think my father must have had a “pet peeve about language use” collection. His pet peeves included the incorrect use of the words hopefully and contact. Since my mother used to say that I was my father’s daughter it makes sense that I’d have a language pet peeve collection too.
On the top of list would have to be the (over and mis) use of the word arguably. As in “He is arguably the best blues man of our generation.” Well of course it’s arguable – I can (and probably will) argue with your opinion whether you give me permission or not. This has been my #1 language pet peeve for a few years but I think it is being supplanted by the phrase “friendly reminder” which of course is used to preface not so friendly reminders. As in a posting  titled “A friendly reminder about our sick child policy” or an email that begins,  “This is just a friendly reminder about our staff meeting tomorrow night.” It is certainly arguable just how friendly those reminders are!

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